ProSocial Summit 2023

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Let’s build a better internet.
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Spectrum Labs harnesses the power of data, AI, and community to build a better Internet, making it a safer, more valuable place for businesses, consumers, and societies. As the leader in natural language understanding AI, Spectrum Labs scales the coverage and quality of content moderation while reducing costs and keeping billions of users safe online.

Spectrum’s industry-leading use of contextual AI - available for any language - captures difficult-to-detect toxic and illegal content such as child grooming, radicalization, bullying and hate speech that keyword-based solutions miss, reducing critical business risk to platforms and brands and keeping vulnerable populations safe.

User-level moderation allows trust and safety teams to detect and remove the small percentage of users responsible for an outsized proportion of toxic content so they can scale their content moderation coverage without adding moderators. And with the only healthy behaviors AI, Spectrum can also detect the most helpful, encouraging and friendly users or brand advocates so they can be activated to increase first-time engagement and retention – or become brand influencers at scale.